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IronStride offers programs and workshops for the following training categories:



IronStride swim training focuses on success in triathlon with training sessions geared for triathletes. Includes the opportunity for technical instruction on select Saturday sessions. Limited to 20 athletes.



Indoor Cycling – Wahoo Training Studio | May 7 – September 9
Indoor bike training sessions will be designed and written by Randy as you continue to work on your weakness.  Space is limited so please reserve your spot.  For those who do sign up for the spring and summer they never have to worry about missing a Saturday ride due to inclement weather.  They will get free access to the trainers on those miserable Saturday mornings to ensure they get a ride in!



Free for all IronStride members.

Wednesday 5:30 pm Non-Coached
Sunday 8:30 am Coached


Iron Strength

Training runs May 7 – September 9 | Saturday 7:30 am
Most important aspect of this training is how it balances out the swim, bike and runs.  We are going to try a different approach this summer by adding it in Saturday mornings at 7:30am. They will be lead by Randy, Locryn or another staff member at Focus.  The focus will be on maintaining strength and mobility with circuit style sets to get you the pump!



Sessions run May 7 – September 9 | Tuesday 6:45 – 7:30 pm
Kelly has really helped add another dimension to the training with her yoga sessions.  By request from so many folks I have added a time slot on Tuesday nights right after the bike intervals.  Great way to balance out the week with some good mobility and active recovery.



Focus Personal Fitness Studio
All IronStride training sessions begin at Focus Personal Fitness, where change rooms, lockers, parking, and other amenities are provided.

The Woolen Mill
4 Cataraqui Street, West Wing
Basement Unit W22
Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7


Artillery Park Aquatic Centre
All regular swim sessions take place at the Artillery Park Aquatic Centre.

382 Bagot St.
Kingston, ON